Stockholm, Sweden

Mersey Hinterlands, England

Wawer’s Meander, Warsaw

Chelmsford, England

Bucharest, Romania (2)

Island G, Jakarta

Kielgan Brache

Nottingham, England

Schloßplatz 1, Berlin, Germany

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Berlin, Germany

Tilburg, The Netherlands

Bucharest, Romania

Rabodi Police Naka, India

Adata Island, Bulgaria

Szyc Stadium, Poznań

Bangalore, India

Sydney, Australia

Pomona Island, Manchester

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Coventry, England

Providence RI, USA

Dublin, Ireland

Guwahati, India

Glasgow, Scotland

Helsinki, Finland

Wasteland Twinning Network hijacks the concept of ‘City Twinning’ and applies it to urban Wastelands in order to generate a network for parallel research and action.

By subverting the City Twinning concept that aims to parade a city’s more predictable cultural assets and shifting the focus to wastelands, new questions of value and function are raised. Wasteland Twinning aims to develop an understanding of the potential of these sites through transdisciplinary models of practice. Wasteland Twinning is led by independent artists and researchers, offering the potential for cultural comparison to take place on a local and international scale – going beyond the obvious to examine often invisible perspectives on power relations, land use, urban development and ecology. Through engaged and critical approaches, we hope to uncover some of the peculiarities and commonalities of the wasteland sites.

Projects Collaborative Action

The Games

WASTE, SPORT and HABIT come together for The Fallow Games. Wasteland Twinning Network Berlin in collaboration with Gabrielle de Vietri host a day of urban sporting and appropriation of the city’s wastelands on the Köpi-Brache. Conducted parallel to Wasteland Rounders on The Island Wasteland, Nottingham.

Recreation Ground

A trilateral European collaborative project between Wasteland Twinning Berlin, Wasteland Twinning Nottingham and W139 Amsterdam. Through engagement with the inhabitants and users of three wasteland sites.

Homey Island

Homey Island is a transnational project from Wasteland Twinning Network that derives its concept from two opposing uses of the word Homey: from the American street use of the term implying trust, friend and kinship to the more domestic meaning cosy, comfortable or (DE) gemütlich.

Twinnings Wasteland Twinning Ceremonies

Twinning Ceremony - Yogyakarta & Nottingham

Wasteland Twinning Ceremony Sunday 2nd September, 2012 at 12 noon local time in both locations

Twinning Ceremony – Sydney & Kuala Lumpur

3 part ceremony 15th June, 11th September and 22nd September 2012

Non-Twinning Agreement- Berlin & Amsterdam


Blog Featured

15 Feb 2020 | Hannah Ekin & Jorgen Doyle - Island G, Jakarta

Collective Performance - Pulau G: Invitation to a Public Consultation

Collective performance: Pulau G: Invitation to a Public Consultation, Tuesday 17.12.2019 - Jorgen Doyle, Hannah Ekin,...

07 Feb 2020 | Alex Head - Island G, Jakarta


Four of us, Jorgen Doyle, Hannah Ekin, Alex Head, and Anna Kostreva have been corresponding between Australia and...

07 Feb 2020 | Hannah Ekin & Jorgen Doyle - Island G, Jakarta


I come from Australia, where climate change denial within the ruling right-wing Liberal party is rife, conveniently so...

07 Feb 2020 | Anna Kostreva - Island G, Jakarta


Are humans becoming part of a cybernetic world computer? Are we fatalistically manipulated by the digitization...

07 Feb 2020 | Hannah Ekin & Jorgen Doyle - Island G, Jakarta


In a time of unprecedented climate catastrophe, Global North governments, multinational companies, neoliberal...

26 Jan 2020 | Anna Kostreva - Island G, Jakarta

Writing from the North Coast of Jakarta, #ziarahutara

Writing from the North Coast of Jakarta, #ziarahutara - Work by Anna Kostreva, Irwan Ahmett, and Tita Salina - Urban...

15 May 2017 | Jim Brady - Pomona Island, Manchester

Fruitful Futures: Imagining Pomona

Fruitful Futures: Imagining Pomona  The book we made embraces the spirit of citizen activism: one of its purposes...

16 Feb 2017 | Fabrizio Cocchiarella

Fruitful Futures Publication from the LiFE Group, Manchester

Fruitful Futures: Imagining Pomona & Pomona Island Design Lab: OPISO CITY Pomona Island has been a focus for the...

05 Jun 2016 | Alex Head - Berlin, Germany Yogyakarta, Indonesia Adata Island, Bulgaria

Sharing Along the Way - with Radio KUNCI

A back and forth discussion between Ferdiansyah Thajib (KUNCI), Alya Sebti (Director of ifa Gallery, Berlin),...

11 Jan 2016 | Matthias Einhoff

'Townhall Improve' - Conflict Workshop, Holon, Israel

As part of the Neighbourhood as a Global Arena Conference with Digital Art Lab, Holon Come and join a workshop about...

28 Sep 2015 | Alex Head - Adata Island, Bulgaria

Encounters with Adata #1

In the Summer of 2015 I spent 5 weeks investigating, inhabiting and documenting the island wasteland Adata in Plovdiv,...

20 Dec 2014 | Ferdiansyah Thajib - Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Representation Ends as It Begins

While over the past few years the English coverage of Bon Suwung in this platform have been rather sluggish, the...

29 Nov 2014 | Alex Head - Berlin, Germany

NTS Radio Hosts Dogged Lands - Archived

Alex Head presents Dogged Lands Mixed & Produced by DISKOHERENT Part one: with extracts from Edgar Allen Poe and...

14 Apr 2014 | Rebecca Beinart - Nottingham, England

The Wasteland Sculpture Park: A book project by Beth Bramich

Text by Beth Bramich. The Wasteland Sculpture Park A Collection of Proposals for Derelict Sites The Wasteland...

14 May 2013 | Lena Obergfell - Sydney, Australia

Fenced Off

Wasteland Sydney is fenced off. Fenced off for at least 2 more years. 2 years of being entry and exit point for the...

21 Apr 2013 | David Bell - Nottingham, England

Creativity, Capital and Commons in the Contemporary City, Part 2

This is the second part of a (slightly) edited version of a talk I gave to the Centre for the Study of Social and Global...

15 Apr 2013 | David Bell - Nottingham, England

Creativity Capital and Commons in the Contemporary City: The Eastside Island, Pt. 1

This is a very slightly edited version of a talk I gave to the Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice's...

24 Feb 2013 | Alex Head

Objective Dialogues at Wasteland Twinning Network Forum

The Objective Dialogues Y-Table sought to generate live, subjective research around trash and debris collected from 7...

Library Parallel Practices Links and Articles

Beating the bounds

I have been thinking about territory and ways to define boarders through physical acts, in my research I came across a...


'Beating the bounds' brought to mind another ritualistic/folkloric act used for defining specific aspects of landscape: ...

Exploring Sound, Migration & Chaosmopolis

This species sucks, ...but it is my home. - Rosi Braidotti Voice-Print Sculpture, The Freedom of Speech Itself,...

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