19 Nov 2012 | Lars Hayer - Bangalore, India

Berlin Bangalore - Introduction to Emptylands

Suresh Jayaram has been so kind to show me around the 1Shanthiroad neighbourhood and introduced me to different concepts...

15 Nov 2012 | Justin Carter - Glasgow, Scotland

Insect Hotels

Insect Hotels installed at Carntyne Wasteland. These are made from material salvaged from the site - scrap metal and...

02 Nov 2012 | Will Foster - Berlin, Germany

Wasteland Twinning Network Forum - Retrospective now online.

Presentations, Works & Wasteland Twinning Ceremonies: Welcome to The Wasteland Twinning Network Forum 2012. A...

27 Oct 2012 | Will Foster - Berlin, Germany

Urban Ecologies, Muzeum Sztuki Lodz Poland/ 26 - 27 October 2012

Will Foster and Alex Head from Wasteland Twinning Network Berlin will present at 'Urban Ecologies and its practices'...

27 Oct 2012 | Lena Obergfell

Sydney Architecture Festival - The Third Landscape Forum, Oct 27

Tin Sheds Gallery Sydney, Australia Lena Obergfell from the Wasteland Twinning Network Sydney will be presenting at...

28 Sep 2012 | Mathew Trivett - Nottingham, England

Regenerate Art at Nottingham Contemporary / 9 October 2012

21 Sep 2012 | Will Foster - Berlin, Germany

Wasteland Twinning Network Forum at ZK/U Berlin | 21-23 Sept 2012

21 Sep 2012 | - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A Collection of Waste Artifacts in the KL Wasteland site

Here is a series of photos documenting a collection of "Waste Artifacts" discovered in the KL wasteland on March 2012. ...

09 Sep 2012 | Saubin Yap - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Wasteland Sydney - KL Twining Ceremony

Your are cordially invited to the 'Wasteland Sydney - KL Twining Ceremony' which is to take place on Tuesday September...

27 Aug 2012 | Rebecca Beinart - Nottingham, England

Nottingham-Yogyakarta twinning ceremony 02/09/2012

You are invited to the Wasteland Twinning Ceremony between Ledok Timoho in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and The Island in...

26 Aug 2012 | Justin Carter - Glasgow, Scotland

From Glasgow to Sydney

24 Aug 2012 | Justin Carter - Glasgow, Scotland

Mystery artefacts sent to upcoming forum

06 Aug 2012 | Ansgar Reul - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Wasteland-Disco-Squad Edition No. 2: A Short Report

The 2nd Edition of the Wasteland Disco Squad visited the Amsterdam Houthavens, the city’s  old timber harbour. Besides...

03 Aug 2012 | Alex Head

Fallow Games: Photo Finish

Shot with a fixed frame disposable camera, competitors in The Fallow Games took the following images.     ...

29 Jul 2012 | David Bell - Nottingham, England

Surfacing - 'The Island'

As part of our public launch programme, Wasteland Twinning Nottingham commissioned band Surfacing (of whom, I should...