A visit to the ghat

16 Nov 2011 | Periferry - Guwahati, India

In our last visit to the wasteland off Sukreswar ghat, we observed that the waning water level has expanded the wasteland and made it accessible to the public.  A man-made path by the side of the footpath took us to the site. We selected a spot closure to the river where ferries were docked. We tried  map the space in terms of the layers of  micro-social activities taking place in that place. We took the following notes-

November 10, Thursday, 4 to 5pm -

-          A sandbank has emerged with the water level going down.

-          Remnants of Chhath festival can be traced- flowers strewn everywhere, earthen glasses, disposable glasses used by the worshipers can be spotted, packets of crackers etc can be found.

-          The weather is clear, mild and breezy.

-          Labourers from nearby construction sites taking bath in the river.

-          Children playing around in the sand.

-          Idols of goddess  left in the river bank after worshiping.

-          Boat men of country made boats are plying boats in the mild winter afternoon.

-          Some people are sleeping on the concrete dividers dividing the footpath and wasteland.

-          The employees of Inland Water Transport, who usually stay on the government ferries, were present.

-          Homeless children playing of the wasteland.

-          The dhobis , who do the laundry,are not present.Though ropes tied on bamboo poles for drying clothes can be seen.

-          Tourist strolling in the wasteland. Some are taking ferry to the Umananda Temple, situated on a river island in the Brahmaputra.

-          Litter and garbage that are thrown into the river, have come to surface due to decrease in water level.

-          Temporary bamboo and wooden plank bridges  are made on the wasteland for ferry passengers.

-          Stray dogs can be seen.

-          A homeless man picking up pieces of bamboo from the wasteland.

Images by Tanima Das and Dibasri Mazumdar

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