All that glitters...

20 Sep 2013 | Rebecca Beinart

Saturday 21st September, 6-9pm

As part of a project I've been working on in Deptford, I will be hosting a conversation tomorrow about the role of art and creativity in urban regeneration, with guest speakers Neville Gabie and Katy Beinart & Barby Asante, as part of Open House London 2013. Discussing projects that have taken a critical and grassroots approach to changing spaces in London, we examine how urban redevelopment schemes commodify creativity and how artists are using or challenging these opportunities.

This event will take place at the incredible Master Shipwright's House, next to Convoys Wharf - the site of the historical Deptford Docks, that has stood empty for several years.

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All that glitters... is the final conversation in a series of events by artist Rebecca Beinart as part of a three month residency in and around Sue Godfrey Nature Park for Secret Garden Project Lewisham. The Bureau of Urban Wilds culminates with events on the 27th and 28th September as part of Deptford X festival.

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