25 Aug 2011 | Ferdiansyah Thajib - Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Tommy The Audioman

Settings Description:

Audio is recorded with Rode  NTG2 microphone,  Fostex Le recorder, and Premix sound device. Taken in-between 3-4pm, 23 August 2012 in Ledok Timoho, Yogyakarta, during the Islamic fasting month of Ramadhan. Social activities are typically slower than usual during this time of year.


Audible Legend:

Upon arrival, Tommy (the audio man) and I went to the most empty spot at the southern part (no 1. on map)

We walked through the settler compound to the other end of the wasteland (no.2, blue line on map)

We were at the northern perimeter of the wasteland, on top of the abandoned bridge (no.3 on map)

We headed to the other way  across the compound  (no. 4, broken lines on map)

This is the last spot where we recorded, at the access alley adjacent to the traffic road (no. 5 on map)


An unexhaustive list of locational sounds:

-          Streaming river

-          Wind and trees bristling

-          Beetles chirping

-          Birds twittering

-          Chicken clucking

-          Dogs barking

-          Goats bleating

-          Competing sounds of muezzin calling for afternoon praying time

-          Talking radio announcer

-          Javanese song on radio

-          Western rock music on radio

-          Construction hammering

-          Adults male and female talking

-          Adults male and female asking: What are you looking for?

-          Adult male washing a matras in the river

-          Motorbikes passing

-          Food hawker on motorbike honking horn

-          Adult male coughing and spitting

-          Children talking

-          Children shouting

-          A group of children mocking at one of its youngest member

-          A male child crying after mocked by a group of children

-          Airplanes lowering over before landing

-          Traffic noise


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