Berlin Bangalore - Introduction to Emptylands

19 Nov 2012 | Lars Hayer - Bangalore, India

Suresh Jayaram has been so kind to show me around the 1Shanthiroad neighbourhood and introduced me to different concepts of Emptylands as they exist in Bangalore.

1. Shanthiroad

The privately owned Emptyland right next to 1Shantiroad Gallery. It is inhabited by a couple of families living in metal shags and serves as private parking for cars, motorcycles and autos (three wheeled taxis). The caretaker and other men meet at its entrance in the shade.

The Sacred and the Profane - Lanfort Rd

A strip of empty public land between hockey stadium and street with various little shrines. The red lines on the wall symbolize the transition between sacred and profane. There has been a few contested attempts to build a temple. Car drivers and passerbies stop by for brief religious rituals.

Private ground - Rhenius St

Private terrain used for various artistic interventions like a graffiti workshop and has hosted the first setup of a multilevel rack supported builduing from the JAAGA initiative by 'artists, designers, geeks and activists':

Multipurpose public Emptyland - Mud Tank

Public Emptyland serving as playground for cricket and football to children. Has a public primary school and a small library on the streetside. Taxi drivers meet to play board games in the shade while waiting for clients, i.e. students from a private christian school on the other side of the street. Can be rented from authorities for events.

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