Berlin Guwahati - The magic of the ghat

12 Dec 2012 | Lars Hayer - Guwahati, India

For my visit to Guwahati, Mriganka Madhukaillya from Desire Machine Collective and their coordinator Kiran Sasi showed me around the city and the river banks and organized a boat tour on Brahmaputra river. This time of the year, the whole region lies covered in mist most of the day turning it into a magical place. The transition from the river to the river banks and to the sky is bearly visible if not totaly absent.

The banks are alive with all sort of activities, kids play kricket, endles lines of laundry hang to dry, well sorted by colors. The reemerged land is partioned and these claims are more or less 'virtually' fenced with bamboo poles.

The only bridge to the north banks beeing a few kilometers down the river and implying a considerable detour and a lot of time spent in traffiic jams, a few ferries and smaller boats assure the transportation of people, bikes and goods.

While we explored the north banks on our boat tour, a group of students from the local branch of the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) experimented with their self developped version of a jet ski.

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