Category: Network visits

08 Jan 2013 | Lars Hayer - Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Berlin Yogyakarta – Discovering Kampungs

Beside the return to physical verticality due to the low construction profile of the city, Yogya and my stay at KUNCI...

05 Jan 2013 | Lars Hayer - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Berlin Kuala Lumpur - modern equals vertical?

One of the most striking impressions I had when coming to KL was its verticality. Especially the commercial city...

04 Jan 2013 | Saubin Yap - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

WT Network presentation by Berlin Explorer in Kuala Lumpur

As Lars Hayer continues his trip across South East Asia, he will be giving a presentation on WTN post-Berlin forum, on...

12 Dec 2012 | Lars Hayer - Guwahati, India

Berlin Guwahati - The magic of the ghat

For my visit to Guwahati, Mriganka Madhukaillya from Desire Machine Collective and their coordinator Kiran Sasi...

24 Nov 2012 | Lars Hayer - Bangalore, India

Bangalore, simply overwhelming

Some more documentation on one of the sites in 1Shanthtiroad, on the corner right opposite the gallery. It's the site...

19 Nov 2012 | Lars Hayer - Bangalore, India

Berlin Bangalore - Introduction to Emptylands

Suresh Jayaram has been so kind to show me around the 1Shanthiroad neighbourhood and introduced me to different concepts...

26 Aug 2012 | Justin Carter - Glasgow, Scotland

From Glasgow to Sydney

21 Jun 2011 | Lars Hayer - Glasgow, Scotland

Trespassing? Go on then, shoot me!

Glasgow, 28 mai 2011 Defying nasty eruptive islandic timetable sabotage, an improvised (and unanounced) speed visit...