Category: Wasteland observations

03 Jun 2013 | Alex Head

Popping | Planting | Painting

Despite or because of the sites new owners a huge amount of activity prevails throughout the Koepi Brache. Wedding and...

17 May 2013 | Lena Obergfell - Sydney, Australia

Announcement: Wasteland Sydney Satellite Projects - Beaconsfield

Wasteland Sydney is happy to announce a new project: Wasteland Sydney Satellites: Wasteland Satellite Beaconsfield ...

08 Jan 2013 | Lars Hayer - Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Berlin Yogyakarta – Discovering Kampungs

Beside the return to physical verticality due to the low construction profile of the city, Yogya and my stay at KUNCI...

04 Jan 2013 | Saubin Yap - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Guest Explorer in Wasteland Kuala Lumpur 1

In November to December 2012, artist Bec Stevens from Tasmania, Australia has been exploring and observing the Wasteland...

21 Sep 2012 | - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A Collection of Waste Artifacts in the KL Wasteland site

Here is a series of photos documenting a collection of "Waste Artifacts" discovered in the KL wasteland on March 2012. ...

26 Aug 2012 | Justin Carter - Glasgow, Scotland

From Glasgow to Sydney

03 Aug 2012 | Alex Head

Fallow Games: Photo Finish

Shot with a fixed frame disposable camera, competitors in The Fallow Games took the following images.     ...

08 Jun 2012 | Will Foster - Berlin, Germany


Ferdiansyah Thajib from Yogyakarta is in Berlin, what better opportunity to test out the freshly made commentators'...

09 Apr 2012 | Saubin Yap - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

'Wasteland' no more - from August 2011 to April 2012

07 Apr 2012 | Alex Head - Berlin, Germany

Fetched: Inteview on Site

Using a structured conversation I interviewed two young women on the wasteland who grew up in the local area. We...

18 Mar 2012 | Saubin Yap - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Soundwalk March 3rd 2012

On the morning of  March 3rd, I brought along a sound recording equipment to conduct a soundwalk session at the...

16 Mar 2012 | Mathew Trivett - Nottingham, England

Trading Camouflage for Camouflage

Today I began the process of producing a series of rounders bats (similar to a baseball bat) for a forthcoming research...

04 Mar 2012 | Saubin Yap - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Update from Kuala Lumpur

After 4 months hiatus, we are finally back in action. We had a meeting and excursion on February 29th afternoon. With...

22 Feb 2012 | Alex Head - Berlin, Germany

Fairisle's Journal

Foreword:   Leslie Fairisle arrived on the Köpenickerstr 36 Wasteland site in the middle of January. I first...

09 Jan 2012 | Alex Head - Glasgow, Scotland

Retracing Steps - Glasgow

While staying in Glasgow I approached the site on Bath Street arriving from the West End. The fencing provided by Avant...