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13 Mar 2012 | Rebecca Beinart - Nottingham, England


Interview with local historian Chris Matthews on the recent plans for a Tesco Superstore on the Island Site, and the...

07 Mar 2012 | Will Foster - Berlin, Germany

Tools of the trade. Batch 1

" He who seeks to approach his own buried past must conduct himself like a man digging. He must not be afraid to return...

04 Mar 2012 | Saubin Yap - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Update from Kuala Lumpur

After 4 months hiatus, we are finally back in action. We had a meeting and excursion on February 29th afternoon. With...

22 Feb 2012 | Alex Head - Berlin, Germany

Fairisle's Journal

Foreword:   Leslie Fairisle arrived on the Köpenickerstr 36 Wasteland site in the middle of January. I first...

19 Jan 2012 | David Bell - Nottingham, England

Stalking the Zone

A couple of months back I watched Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker for the first time.  Returning to our site on the 22nd...

09 Jan 2012 | Alex Head - Glasgow, Scotland

Retracing Steps - Glasgow

While staying in Glasgow I approached the site on Bath Street arriving from the West End. The fencing provided by Avant...

09 Jan 2012 | Will Foster - Berlin, Germany

Recent tools of the trade

Designs for tools and functional objects made from found materials on the wastelands. Heras Fencing objects:   ...

20 Dec 2011 | Will Foster - Berlin, Germany

A year of distant observation

Selected documentation of peoples activities on the Köpi wasteland, Berlin throughout 2011.

14 Dec 2011 | Lena Obergfell - Sydney, Australia

The Ducks are OK

I visited the site today and it was a bit of a shock. The lake drained, trees chopped. It looks weirdly cleaned up. I...

14 Dec 2011 | Will Foster - Berlin, Germany

Brache observations

Down in the distance by the river there is this man.  He has been pacing back and forth for the past hour, throwing his...

14 Dec 2011 | Will Foster - Berlin, Germany

Before and after the bulldozer.

Images by Lars Hayer

13 Dec 2011 | Will Foster - Berlin, Germany


Objects found on the Island and the Köpi Brache Documented By Will Foster and Rebecca Beinart. November 2011 ...

02 Dec 2011 | Lena Obergfell - Sydney, Australia

Wasteland Berlin Visit I visited Berlin Wasteland in fall. The site is huge! Next to the river Spree it is located...

16 Nov 2011 | Periferry - Guwahati, India

A visit to the ghat

In our last visit to the wasteland off Sukreswar ghat, we observed that the waning water level has expanded the...

07 Nov 2011 | David Bell - Nottingham, England

The Ghosts of Eastside

The Ghost of Eastside Yet To Come As we continue our investigations into the Wasteland's strange past we have news of...