Concrete Dreams-a photo essay by Cop Shiva

20 Jul 2011 | 1.Shanthiroad - Bangalore, India

Concrete dreams 0n wasteland site

Bangalore, a city of migrants, has been growing vertically with concrete structures going skywards relentlessly. The migrant labourers, who are the creators of these concrete structures, meanwhile, stay grounded, struggling for survival, craning their necks and gaping at buildings growing taller.The waste land become a site for construction.

The process of concreting roofs is a dramatic one-stretch event, and is the D day in the life of the building. The day, or rather the event, is planned and programmed by contractors and a team of labourers work round the clock for it. Focussing on a construction site D day, I attempt to tell the story of workers with this project.

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