Fruitful Futures: Imagining Pomona

15 May 2017 | Jim Brady - Pomona Island, Manchester

Fruitful Futures: Imagining Pomona 

The book we made embraces the spirit of citizen activism: one of its purposes is to question and challenge the capitalist, neoliberal agenda for urban development. It's a useful, creative tool for presenting 'alternative ways of seeing' - beyond the purely economic value of 'natural capital' and towards an egalitarian desire for understanding the intrinsic ecological values of place.

It's a limited edition publication created with ethically sourced materials and printed with an experimental, lo-fi, three-colour risographic process (commonly applied in the making of radical, activist material). With variations in print aesthetic, each copy is beautifully unique. In fact, on the heavily inked pages sometimes the pigment actually comes off on your fingers - the book is alive, just as Pomona Island is alive. So, the book has a very organic feel (resonant with the place which inspired it) - a characteristic we wanted it to embody from the beginning. Our design/print collaborators, Textbook Studio and MONO did a wonderful job. 

Inspired by Pomona Island the publication presents both poetic and practical sci-fi visions for designing a culture for the ‘art of fruitful living’ across disciplines in Art, Design, Ecology, and Urbanism. It's a creative compendium of paradoxical stories about biodiversity and urban planning, carbon-free air miles, invasive species for healthy living, and old toolkits to design new natures, among many other provocations. It reflects the passion of the LiFE research collective to inspire a holistic interpretation of the future that draws on multi-disciplinary knowledge to critically propose visions for the Future City. 

Fruitful Futures is now out of print. However, a free e-book version will be available in summer 2017.

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