Icon or eyesore?

29 Nov 2012 | Adj Marshall - Providence RI, USA

The built environment surrounds the Providence Wasteland. A park, a condo development, a forgotten tunnel running for a mile under the city and "the bridge" make up its borders. These surrounding complicate what lies inside the wasteland. The space is swallowed up its bordering elements, ensuring that the wasteland is known more for what it is not, than what it is. The wasteland  is neither hibernating underground in a hidden lair or stretching its neck high in the air to be noticed. It just is.

This article speaks to the complicated and contended views of the Providence wasteland boarders. Some call it an industrial ruin others urban art. The wasteland is a place of mystery and memory. For the state however it is burden.

We all have wastelands in our lives. How do you think changes to your wastelands boarders would change how your wasteland is understood?



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