Immaculate as in Conception

08 Apr 2011 | Lars Hayer - Berlin, Germany

The sites neighbourhood beeing partly under construction, a freshly white painted wall is now gaining attraction among the wasteland's borders.

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Exploring WTN in relationship to new book RICOCHET - CULTURAL EPIGENETICS AND THE PHILOSOPHY OF CHANGE (2021) on Ljå...

Pulau G: invitation to a Public Consultation

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Pulau G (Island G) is an artificial island constructed as part of a large scale land reclamation project on the north...

Sharing Along the Way - with Radio KUNCI

05 Jun 2016 | Alex Head

A back and forth discussion between Ferdiansyah Thajib (KUNCI), Alya Sebti (Director of ifa Gallery, Berlin),...

A Letter to Refugee Club Impulse

24 Apr 2015 | Alex Head

Translation by Mira with comments from Ahmed, Baty & Mazan

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Alex Head presents Dogged Lands Mixed & Produced by DISKOHERENT Part one: with extracts from Edgar Allen Poe and...

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Listen Here: D.I.Y Church shares the freedom of speech with a special guest: A musician, performer, visual...

Significant decrease in access to the Köpi

12 Oct 2014 | Alex Head

With new ownership comes new rules, regulations and the rather novel feeling of trespass.

Two Year Research Project for WTN - Available to Listen

24 Aug 2014 | Alex Head

You are warmly invited to the launch of Dogged Lands, a radio essay exploring a process of European-wide research and...

Expressions of the Domestic

07 May 2014 | Alex Head

Despite the displacement of persons from the Eis Fabrik in February the site has maintained a high level of activity....

Recreation Ground Berlin

03 Sep 2013 | Alex Head

As the sole event within the B_Tour festival requiring a total stand-still, Recreation Ground Berlin took place on...

Wasteland Twinning Network vs. B Tour Festival

03 Sep 2013 | Alex Head

Yael Sherill interviews Alex Head co-director of Wasteland Twinning Network

Call for Participation - Recreation Ground Berlin

16 Aug 2013 | Alex Head

Recreation Ground  Berlin -  Needs You!  Artist’s Impression - Saturday 31st August between 14.00 - 17.00  You are...

Wasteland Twinning meets Teepee Land

11 Aug 2013 | Alex Head

As part of the build up to Recreation Ground I made contact with an encampment of tee pees to the left of the Köpi...

Summer Colours

11 Aug 2013 | Alex Head

In an attempt to catch up with the Koepi site's activities over the past two months, I offer the following exercise in...

Wasteland on Radio WDR3

16 Jun 2013 | Lena Obergfell

Just found this: Paul Plampers work - there is a nice pic of him on the Köpi Brache in the article. ...

Wasteland Twinning Network Forum - Retrospective now online.

02 Nov 2012 | Will Foster

Presentations, Works & Wasteland Twinning Ceremonies: Welcome to The Wasteland Twinning Network Forum 2012. A...

Urban Ecologies, Muzeum Sztuki Lodz Poland/ 26 - 27 October 2012

27 Oct 2012 | Will Foster

Will Foster and Alex Head from Wasteland Twinning Network Berlin will present at 'Urban Ecologies and its practices'...

Wasteland Twinning Network Forum at ZK/U Berlin | 21-23 Sept 2012

21 Sep 2012 | Will Foster

The Games

27 Jul 2012 | Will Foster

Exploring submerged territory

23 Jul 2012 | Alex Head

Using a dredging device made from our beloved Heris fencing, builders mesh and scrapped tire chains, this initial...

LIVE GAMES BROADCAST - 30th of June 2012

26 Jun 2012 | Will Foster

Tune in your internet this saturday 30th of June 2012 Starting 2pm local time Germany - 1pm local time England Radio...

The Fallow Games - Saturday June 30, 14 - 19.00, Berlin

25 Jun 2012 | Will Foster

  WASTE, SPORT and HABIT come together for THE FALLOW GAMES The Wasteland Twinning Network hosts a day of...

Improvised workshop on site

21 Jun 2012 | Alex Head

As a way to present Wasteland Twinning I organised an afternoon workshop with students from Lawrence Technological...


08 Jun 2012 | Will Foster

Ferdiansyah Thajib from Yogyakarta is in Berlin, what better opportunity to test out the freshly made commentators'...

Upstream: Protest Fest at Cuvry Brache

03 Jun 2012 | Alex Head

On the 2nd June the Cuvry Brache space was used to host a day of active solidarity between the various users of the...

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS- The Fallow Games, Berlin Deadline June 13 2012

31 May 2012 | Will Foster

Do you enjoy scaling walls into unknown territories? playing in the gaps? searching for disorder? could you join...


28 May 2012 | Will Foster

A series of experiments using long distance communication. Questions and answers have been flying across the river Spree...

Fetched: Inteview on Site

07 Apr 2012 | Alex Head

Using a structured conversation I interviewed two young women on the wasteland who grew up in the local area. We...

For skaters and taggers

31 Mar 2012 | Will Foster

I have been making more tools of the trade, my approach at the moment is to simply adapt found objects on the wasteland...

Waste Golf

23 Mar 2012 | Will Foster

As the Islanders (Nottingham Collective) move towards planning the Wasteland Games to take place in the Summer http://ar...

Tools of the trade. Batch 1

07 Mar 2012 | Will Foster

" He who seeks to approach his own buried past must conduct himself like a man digging. He must not be afraid to return...

Fairisle's Journal

22 Feb 2012 | Alex Head

Foreword:   Leslie Fairisle arrived on the Köpenickerstr 36 Wasteland site in the middle of January. I first...

International Round Table Club - Flags

09 Jan 2012 | Alex Head

The Round Table Club was established in 1927 as a means for male British professionals and businessmen to network...

Recent tools of the trade

09 Jan 2012 | Will Foster

Designs for tools and functional objects made from found materials on the wastelands. Heras Fencing objects:   ...

A year of distant observation

20 Dec 2011 | Will Foster

Selected documentation of peoples activities on the Köpi wasteland, Berlin throughout 2011.

Cloakroom of arms

15 Dec 2011 | Will Foster

Nottsterdam Sydyakarta Guwhaburg Glaslumpur Stocklin

Brache observations

14 Dec 2011 | Will Foster

Down in the distance by the river there is this man.  He has been pacing back and forth for the past hour, throwing his...

Before and after the bulldozer.

14 Dec 2011 | Will Foster

Images by Lars Hayer


13 Dec 2011 | Will Foster

Objects found on the Island and the Köpi Brache Documented By Will Foster and Rebecca Beinart. November 2011 ...

The last attempt, for the first time.

19 Sep 2011 | Will Foster

In a last attempt to capture the end of the summer before autumn settles in, I decided to film some footage of the...

Microphone and camera - Work in progress

08 Aug 2011 | Will Foster

This is a preview of a work in progress which Lars and myself have been documenting the wasteland site using a static...

Further field recordings-Berlin

27 Jul 2011 | Will Foster ...

Field recordings - Berlin

26 Jul 2011 | Will Foster

Today we made several more field recordings of the wasteland site, now working with better equipment it was possible to...

Sunset recording - Berlin

22 Jul 2011 | Will Foster ...

A map is not the territory.

18 Jul 2011 | Will Foster

'We say the map is different from the territory. But what is the territory? Operationally, somebody went out with a...

Picked Litter to make a Litter Picker

17 Jul 2011 | Will Foster

  Litter picker made from found materials on the wasteland.    

Found: Large Gray Box.

16 Jun 2011 | Will Foster

Going further into mapping the wasteland I thought I would look at Google Maps, Google Earth, Bing etc to see if there...

Mapping the layers of a motley collection

16 Jun 2011 | Will Foster

After yet another day of witnessing the wasteland being used for a multiplicity of activities; a set for a film,  a BBQ...

weekend structure

14 Jun 2011 | Will Foster

  Built 4th - 5th June 2011 Adapted 11th - 12th June 2011

Rave Residue

06 Jun 2011 | Will Foster

Gardener, Builder and Cleaner

18 May 2011 | Will Foster

Gold diggers.

19 Apr 2011 | Will Foster

Spring time in Berlin, and the wasteland is busy. Today I encountered many people walking their dogs and sitting by the...

Found flag

11 Apr 2011 | Will Foster

Late this afternoon I made a flag from found objects and erected it at the highest point of the wasteland. ...