28 May 2012 | Will Foster - Berlin, Germany


A series of experiments using long distance communication. Questions and answers have been flying across the river Spree...

18 May 2012 | Justin Carter - Glasgow, Scotland

Resilient Radish

I found this article a few years ago about a radish in Japan which had managed to dislodge a paving slab. It also made...

18 May 2012 | Bon Suwung - Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Bon Suwung Updates

From March- May 2012 the Bon Suwung project has held five workshops joined by approximately 10 Individuals coming fom...

18 May 2012 | Justin Carter

Pile of Debris

The massive heap of material which was assembled by the 'earth-movers' last year is beginning to spring roots and...

18 May 2012 | Justin Carter

Signs of resilience

The site in Carntyne which was completely cleared last year is beginning to show signs of resilience. The redcurrant...

18 May 2012 | Justin Carter - Glasgow, Scotland

Site for Sale

The site in Glasgow has been parcelled up and put on the market. Scottish Power are doing some work on the power lines.

15 May 2012 | Adj Marshall - Providence RI, USA

Selecting a Wasteland Site

     Photo Collage Supporting Site Selection   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<      The Adelaide Street Site    ...

07 May 2012 | David Bell - Nottingham, England

Wasteland Twinning Nottingham Public Launch

The Islanders present Launch of Wasteland Twinning Nottingham Saturday 19th May 2012 Featuring wasteland tours,...

22 Apr 2012 | Will Foster

Article Magazine features Wasteland Twinning.

This months Article Magazine 'The broken issue'  has a five page article on The Islanders and the Wasteland Twinning...

09 Apr 2012 | Saubin Yap - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

'Wasteland' no more - from August 2011 to April 2012

07 Apr 2012 | Alex Head - Berlin, Germany

Fetched: Inteview on Site

Using a structured conversation I interviewed two young women on the wasteland who grew up in the local area. We...

07 Apr 2012 | Mathew Trivett - Nottingham, England

Context Lectures: SITE /OFF-SITE /NON-SITE (Nottingham)

Wednesday 11 April, 10 – 12.00 Djanogly Lecture Theatre, Nottingham Trent University, UK Context Lectures: SITE...

01 Apr 2012 | Will Foster

2012 Wasteland Twinning Relationships

The representative explorers of the following city wastelands have mutually agreed to enter a twinning relationship,...

31 Mar 2012 | Will Foster - Berlin, Germany

For skaters and taggers

I have been making more tools of the trade, my approach at the moment is to simply adapt found objects on the wasteland...

23 Mar 2012 | Will Foster - Berlin, Germany

Waste Golf

As the Islanders (Nottingham Collective) move towards planning the Wasteland Games to take place in the Summer http://ar...