20 Dec 2014 | Ferdiansyah Thajib - Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Hack History

Indonesia is a jumble of dark(ened) histories. Too many events are erased to oblivion in order for different...

02 Dec 2014 | anartistas

Kalasataman itsenäisyysjuhla \ Independence Celebration

english below - Presentation of the Wasteland Twinning Network, Studio 1 -18:30–18:45 Eskus-klubi #2: Kalasataman...

29 Nov 2014 | Alex Head - Berlin, Germany

NTS Radio Hosts Dogged Lands - Archived

Alex Head presents Dogged Lands Mixed & Produced by DISKOHERENT Part one: with extracts from Edgar Allen Poe and...

06 Nov 2014 | Alex Head


Curatorial Questions Around Simultaneity, Collaboration and Translation Drawn from lectures given by Victoria...

30 Oct 2014 | anartistas

searching for collaborators in helsinki/kalasatama

  Wasteland twinning kalasatama/helsinki is looking for collaborators anartistas are wtn explorers in Helsinki, and...

16 Oct 2014 | anartistas

wtn helsinki presentation @ office of community sousveillance

Amorph14 at Mad House OFFICE OF COMMUNITY SOUSVEILLANCE Artist and Filmmaker Ian Nesbitt (http://www.iannesbitt.co...

13 Oct 2014 | Alex Head - Berlin, Germany

WTN Berlin on D.I.Y Church Radio Show

Listen Here: D.I.Y Church shares the freedom of speech with a special guest: A musician, performer, visual...

12 Oct 2014 | Alex Head

Exploring Sound, Migration & Chaosmopolis

This species sucks, ...but it is my home. - Rosi Braidotti Voice-Print Sculpture, The Freedom of Speech Itself,...

12 Oct 2014 | Alex Head - Berlin, Germany

Significant decrease in access to the Köpi

With new ownership comes new rules, regulations and the rather novel feeling of trespass.

25 Sep 2014 | Alex Head

Walking Dogged Lands

WTN Berlin takes Dogged Lands to The Art of Being Many 25-28 9. 14 http://the-art-of-being-many.net/ 

25 Sep 2014 | Alex Head

Tents on Köpi, Curvry Brache Evicted

31 Aug 2014 | Lena Obergfell - Sydney, Australia

Twinning Ceremony at Lisbon Architecture Film Festival, Portugal

The Cinecity 2014: Making will be showing at the Lisbon Architecture Film Festival as part of their Experimentations...

24 Aug 2014 | Alex Head - Berlin, Germany

Two Year Research Project for WTN - Available to Listen

You are warmly invited to the launch of Dogged Lands, a radio essay exploring a process of European-wide research and...

22 Jul 2014 | Justin Carter - Glasgow, Scotland

'Rover' - A Space Explorer

15 Jul 2014 | Lena Obergfell - Sydney, Australia

Wasteland Sydney Satellite Resident: Ashley Scott

Wasteland Sydney is pleased to announce that Ashley Scott has been selected as the Beaconsfield satellite Wasteland...