Man-made green spaces; by intention and by accident.

09 Oct 2011 | Will Foster - Stockholm, Sweden

While looking at the geometric green space situated on the Sjöfartsgatan wasteland in Stockholm, another project comes to mind. In the project '294 Green Roof' by Beth Hamer she planted a garden on the roof top of Jumping Jacks night Club on Sauchiehall Street(one of the most polluted urban arteries in Scotland.) The project was Hamer's final degree show at the Glasgow School of Art and was a suggestion at the greater potential for growing/green spaces in the urban environment; a core theme in her art practice.

While looking at a map of the site I have just noticed that Hamer's roof top in Glasgow was situated very close to the Temple wasteland site that Justin Carter is currently focusing on as part of the Wasteland Twinning Network. ( I am now pondering whether at the point of Hamer's intervention in 2006 the Temple wasteland site was apparent or had become inhabited by plant life? The Temple building (Also even more strangely a night Club) burnt down in 2004, but I have the feeling it took sometime before the building was demolished, leading to the 'creation' of the wasteland.  I will dig further into this and publish my findings.

As a simple summery for now; Guerrilla gardening and active conservation of natural succession are similar in motive and upshot yet the environments in question clearly derive from different turn of events.

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