Method: Adding Perspectives

28 Sep 2015 | Alex Head - Adata Island, Bulgaria

Encounters with Adata #1

In the Summer of 2015 I spent 5 weeks investigating, inhabiting and documenting the island wasteland Adata in Plovdiv,...

24 Apr 2015 | Alex Head - Berlin, Germany

A Letter to Refugee Club Impulse

Translation by Mira with comments from Ahmed, Baty & Mazan

14 Feb 2015 | anartistas - Helsinki, Finland

frozen species art exhibition

frozen species A processual exhibition performed by 17 foreigner artists living in Helsinki and organized by the...

03 Sep 2013 | Alex Head - Berlin, Germany

Recreation Ground Berlin

As the sole event within the B_Tour festival requiring a total stand-still, Recreation Ground Berlin took place on...

03 Sep 2013 | Alex Head - Berlin, Germany

Wasteland Twinning Network vs. B Tour Festival

Yael Sherill interviews Alex Head co-director of Wasteland Twinning Network

22 Jul 2013 | Alex Head

The Wasteland Sculpture Park

‘The Wasteland Sculpture Park’ is a book project by Beth Bramich that proposes a repurposing of wastelands (gaps in...

24 Feb 2013 | Alex Head

Objective Dialogues at Wasteland Twinning Network Forum

The Objective Dialogues Y-Table sought to generate live, subjective research around trash and debris collected from 7...

03 Aug 2012 | Alex Head

Fallow Games: Photo Finish

Shot with a fixed frame disposable camera, competitors in The Fallow Games took the following images.     ...

21 Jun 2012 | Alex Head - Berlin, Germany

Improvised workshop on site

As a way to present Wasteland Twinning I organised an afternoon workshop with students from Lawrence Technological...

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