Method: Wasteland Surroundings

15 May 2017 | Jim Brady - Pomona Island

Fruitful Futures: Imagining Pomona

Fruitful Futures: Imagining Pomona  The book we made embraces the spirit of citizen activism: one of its purposes...

24 Aug 2014 | Alex Head - Berlin, Germany

Two Year Research Project for WTN - Available to Listen

You are warmly invited to the launch of Dogged Lands, a radio essay exploring a process of European-wide research and...

23 Feb 2014 | Saubin Yap - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Guest Explorer in Wasteland Kuala Lumpur 3: A site visit to the larger adjacent site (2012)

  On the other side of the Monsoon drain and behind the Mosque there is a large empty site. This site is much...

23 Feb 2014 | Saubin Yap - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Guest Explorer in Wasteland Kuala Lumpur 2 (2012)

*In November to December 2012, artist Bec Stevens from Tasmania, Australia has been exploring and observing the...

03 Sep 2013 | Alex Head - Berlin, Germany

Wasteland Twinning Network vs. B Tour Festival

Yael Sherill interviews Alex Head co-director of Wasteland Twinning Network

08 Apr 2013 | Alex Head

Wastelands Past, Present and Future?

With the tourist season heating up there have been some crucial developments concerning the Koepi Brache. A new owner...

29 Nov 2012 | Adj Marshall - Providence RI, USA

Icon or eyesore?

The built environment surrounds the Providence Wasteland. A park, a condo development, a forgotten tunnel running for a...

23 Jul 2012 | Alex Head - Berlin, Germany

Exploring submerged territory

Using a dredging device made from our beloved Heris fencing, builders mesh and scrapped tire chains, this initial...

03 Jun 2012 | Alex Head - Berlin, Germany

Upstream: Protest Fest at Cuvry Brache

On the 2nd June the Cuvry Brache space was used to host a day of active solidarity between the various users of the...

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