Monumental Status?

25 Oct 2011 | Khadija Bellahcen - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A friend informed me that the Stenen Hoofd is originally part of the Graansilo (Grain Silo). The silo is an official monument, meaning that if true, the Stenen Hoofd would also have a monumental status. During my search on the Internet to verify this I came across something else interesting regarding the monumental status of the Stenen Hoofd. It appears to harbour several endangered species of flora, and has according to the city council important scientific value. Of one species specifically, the Rustyback (Asplenium ceterach), the Stenen Hoofd has the biggest population in the country, and the only population in the city. Speaking to someone of the city council involved in the transfer of the management of the Stenen Hoofd, she informed me that the Stenen Hoofd isn’t a monument, but the city council does intend to keep the site as it is, as much as possible. There will be some construction work going on, only meant for upkeep and prevention of further deterioration of the land. The foundation needs to be improved to keep it safe and therefore accessible. The foundation isn’t strong enough to hold a lot of weight. Buildings and other heavy constructions are not possible, meaning the site can only be used for small, temporary events. Also the growth of endangered plants prevents it from being built on.

Recent developments in Amsterdam

On another note recent developments in Amsterdam regarding wastelands may have changed the way Amsterdam will look on wastelands in the future. Typical for Amsterdam and the Netherlands in general, the search for consensus (poldermodel) has resulted in a compromise on the use of wastelands.

Two political parties turned in a proposal on the 31st of March this year to make wastelands in the city accessible and usable by the surrounding inhabitants.

The city council accepted this proposal on the 20th of September. Wasting no time, they have made a map of the wastelands in the city on the Internet, with information on when it’s available and for how long, the terrain and whom to contact. Remarkably though, the Stenen Hoofd is not on that map, which could mean that it’s not considered a wasteland by the city.

To be continued…

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