Off the Record - Geological Happening with Neue Berliner Räume, Anna Kostreva

04 Sep 2016 | Alex Head - Kielgan Brache

Off the Record is a geological happening by Alex Head developed collaboratively with the curatorial collective Neue Berliner Räume and urban geologist Anna Kostreva. The work is hosted by Project Space Festival Berlin 2016.

In the invitation and press release for the event it was stipulated that ‘in order to preserve the dis-functionality of the event’s location, please note that photographic documentation of Off the Record is subject to a 15 year delayed release by request of the artist. Other forms of image creation such as drawing and audio capture are encouraged.’

The site employed the so-called Kielgan-Brache in Berlin-Mitte over three episodes on Saturday 27th of August.

Special thanks to Joanna Kosowska, Benjamin Busch and Sonja Hornung. Samples partially sourced from free Additional research by Neue Berliner Räume.

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