Recreation Ground: The Island

01 Jun 2013 | Alex Head

Late April saw the Nottingham launch of Recreation Ground - a project occurring across the Amsterdam, Berlin and Nottingham WTN sites.   Participants gathered on 'The Island' wasteland and brought to life the unrealised 'Hopkin's Masterplan' for the site, posing as if they were in the midst of the proposed luxury flats, offices, cafes and bars. 'Re-enactors' were drawn from a broad range of backgrounds - some had heard about the project through local radio, whilst fellow artists, curators and participants from Wasteland Twinning Nottingham's 'Wasteland Conversations' were also present. Digital and medium format photography documented the event and will be displayed at WTN curated exhibitions.

Alongside these photographic images in production, our audio project 'Brownfield Narratives' began, with a series of conversations with participants recorded by Alex Head (Wasteland Twinning Berlin) and David Bell (Wasteland Twinning Nottingham). These will give an estranged depth to the fictional characters in the images by teasing out the re-enactor's relationships to the wasteland. Recordings will be worked into sonic profiles of each of the participants and will provide material for audio works in each of the participating cities.