Retracing Steps - Glasgow

09 Jan 2012 | Alex Head - Glasgow, Scotland

While staying in Glasgow I approached the site on Bath Street arriving from the West End. The fencing provided by Avant Guarde Security has been breached several times and at different points. I choose to enter through a small hole in the fencing on Pitt Street. The makeshift structure described previously by Justin is now scattered and dismantled, the length of carpet, brick fire-circle and a box of clothes frozen in water providing the few traces.

I became interested in the outskirts of the wasteland which have accumulated a rich layering of trash and debris, flung over the fence and building up inside. In addition the edge bears the scars that result from the repeated breaks-ins and repairs to the fence. Recognisable by the handiwork of it’s construction some of the former structure too has found it’s way to the periphery of the space, the fencing at the edge. This boundary has become a pallet of the obscure objects and materials available for improvised construction within the wasteland. It felt as though the boundaries between the undeveloped space of the wasteland and the more formal, official city thereafter, describe the recent history of the site most apparently.



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