The Ducks are OK

14 Dec 2011 | Lena Obergfell - Sydney, Australia

I visited the site today and it was a bit of a shock. The lake drained, trees chopped. It looks weirdly cleaned up. I started to worry about the ducks.

A workman was inside, cutting up a board. A sledgehammer on the top end.



Another three workmen came up. They had an ultrasound device, looking a little bit like a fancy lawn mover with display and were scanning the ground finding out what and how deep is under the tarmac.

Introduced myself and asked what they were building. They pointed towards a sign.


I asked about the ducklings and the man on the right in the pic said that he contacted the wildlife society, because he was worried too and they took the little family to safety. Nice.

here is a before and after shot.


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