The man

12 Oct 2011 | Will Foster - Stockholm, Sweden

An interesting thing happened today, upon visiting the wasteland I noticed a man having his lunch and reading a newspaper.  The strange thing is Lars saw him the day before squeezing out through the wire fence around the same time of day. I approached him to say hello and we had a very short conversation due to of my lack of Swedish. The man (at a guess mid 60s) seemed very content with his newspaper and didn't really want to talk.  Later on I watched him drive away.

I am wondering if this has been his picnic spot for a long time?  why here of all places? Of course one can also say why not here, what better place to be hidden from people/ traffic and always a free bench.  Perhaps he used to work in the now demolished buildings that used to surround the green space?  This might seem a little romantic...but there are a few curious factors. The fact that he arrived by car, suggests that he is not living or working in the area. He has been spotted twice around the same time; this suggests some sort of routine.  Also the wasteland is not so easy to access (this is the only person we have seen inhabiting the space) so there's an element of determination. All this that makes me ask; what does this space mean to this man? 


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