'Townhall Improve' - Conflict Workshop, Holon, Israel

11 Jan 2016 | Matthias Einhoff

As part of the Neighbourhood as a Global Arena Conference with Digital Art Lab, Holon

Come and join a workshop about urban conflicts!

Ever wanted to take the identity of an evil developer, intolerant community leader or power-hungry politician - or would you rather be a fighter for the rights of minorities, an advocate of common-wealth or altruistic change maker?

Come and join the City Conflicts!

This is how it works:

We’ll be working in an urban location, which has the potential for social and structural change.

We divide the workshop participants into opposing groups.

Each group stands for a different idea:

E.g. there is an urban void -  one group wants to transform it into a public park, the other group represents the interests of a developer, who wants to build ‚luxury-housing‘.

Voila! We got a conflict!