Trespassers will be prosecuted.

15 Jun 2011 | 1.Shanthiroad - Bangalore, India

Wasteland in Bangalore/India

The story of a city and its spaces.

Bangalore is a city of contrasts and conflicts,tradition and modernity coexist like the rest of India.This City is a hub for science and technology,it is symbolic  of the "new India".Bangalore has become a center for information technology and biotech companies.

The city has small town attitude but a booming urban metropolis. It was dubbed to be "garden city" and soon was invaded by public sector companies.Every one said it was the weather but it is also the people who are inclusive and have made this city  urban and  very cosmopolitan.

We have been working with the city of Bangalore and mapping it's cultural geography and changing landscape.The process of documentation and research has brought together many unheard voices and people from the city's under belly

How do they look at the city?How can we map the city from the perspective of “wasteland”.

We wish to relook at the city's landscape through images, text and interventions.

Some one said that there was no landscape but only real estate, this holds good for any growing metropolis like Bangalore. Wastelands in Bangalore are called plots or sites which are measured, controlled spaces with weeds, shrubbery and guarded by security and migrants, who are settled to protect it from vandalism. The city's unclaimed properties have a warning that says “trespassers will be prosecuted”,  “not for sale” this property belongs to…”Most properties are under litigation with multiple claims and family disputes. These  are sights for our intervention.

Why are these plots empty? who owns them? What are government regulations for these empty plots? Do people squat here? Can they be put to better use? These are the many unanswered questions that confront us.

We plan to get answers from “concerned authorities”, the Bangalore development authority-BDA and also consult real estate agents and lawyers, NGOS, migrants ,squatters, owners and care takers of these spaces for answers and probable solutions.

As visual artists we wish to see how we can use these spaces for interaction, temporary installations, community projects and probable transformation.

P S: Bangalored is a new word and refers to people who have been laid off from a multinational company because their job has been outsourced to Bangalore.

Suresh Jayaram

curator-VAC- visual art collective.


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