W139 takes part in Wasteland Twinning

13 Feb 2012 | Will Foster

W139 takes part in Wasteland Twinning, an international network for parallel research and action.

Director of W139, Tim Voss on the participation:

'An artist friend coming from Geneva, Christophe Meierhans, was living in Amsterdam for a while throughout his studies. He describes the Dutch landscape as the following: „The Netherlands is one of the most cultivated countries in the world. Every little creek is a canal and every piece of land is a dyke. And it all stays under protection.“ Well, I think he is right. Besides that, the Netherlands is the highest populated country in Europe. I am wondering how the consciousness is influenced by the use of public ground. Is it different then for instance in Germany, where I am coming from? If a community always had to wrest the ground from the sea, does it become more precious in the minds of the people?'

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