Wasteland ecology Reading list

06 Jul 2011 | Will Foster

Cities and natural process, By Michael Hough

Biopolis: Patrick Geddes and the City of Life. By Volker M. Welter, Iain Boyd Whyte

Marzluff, J.M (2008) Urban Ecology- An International Perspective on the Interaction Between Humans and Nature.  Clement,G.


Andrews, M. (2006) Land, Art: A cultural Ecology Handbook. The RSA, London.

Almarcegui, L. (2009) Guide to the Wastelands of the Lea Valley: 12 Empty Spaces Await the London Olympics. London, Barbican Art Gallery.

Borasi, G. (2006) Gilles Clement | Philippe Rahm, Environ(ne)ment: Aproaches for tomorrow. Skira Editore S.p.A. Milano, Italy.

Markonish, D. (2008), Badlands: New horizons in landscape. MASS MoCA, Massachusetts.

Kwon, M. (2004) One place after another: Site specific art and locational identity. The MIT Press, Massachusetts.

Beetons. (1987) Beeton’s: All About Gardening. A popular Encyclopedia of the theory and practice of horticulture. Bracken Books, London.

Smith, T.(2006) Eden. Bantam Press-Transworld Publishers, London.

Cobley,V,A.(1997) Ecopolitics: The Environment in Poststructuralist Thought. Routledge, London



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