Wastelands Past, Present and Future?

08 Apr 2013 | Alex Head

With the tourist season heating up there have been some crucial developments concerning the Koepi Brache. A new owner has taken the lease for the site and our adjoining studio building. This reflects the proposed developments for the remaining plots of real estate along Koepenicker Strasse which is being framed as a 'party mile' littered with luxury flats. As many of the apartment buildings in the surrounding area near completion the public have been invited to join two public discussions on the future of the area.

The first will be hosted by the Deutsches Architektur Zentrum from 18.30, Tuesday 16th April at Koepenicker Strasse 48/49, 10179.

And by what one can only imagine to be a way of contrast, the second is hosted by the Koepi Squat on Wednesday 17th April, 18.30 at Runges Strasse 20.

WTN was recently invited to present the project as a pre-event to the annual congress of the European Geographic Association. During the discussion we touched on the idea of ground-up versus top-down developments echoing part of the discourse from WTN Nottingham's Wasteland Conversations series. It will be interesting to listen to the differing ways these two groups intend to deal with this process, if at all.
















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