Adj Marshall

A native of Providence Rhode Island, USA, Adj completed her BA in Public and Community Service Studies in 2006. Her work as an experiential educator has taken her across the country and the globe in pursuit of alternative pedagogical models that support community engagement.

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Adj is currently pursing concurrent masters degrees in Public Humanities & Cultural Heritage at Brown University and Conflict Transformation Studies at the School for International Training.  Her research looks at the implementation of artistic practice in international peace-building processes and often integrates socially-engaged art practice with narrative curation and historical research. With fellow artist Sophie Lan Hou, she is presently designing and implementing "Imaging Peace", an international peace-building curriculum that utilizes photography as the medium for exploring concepts of peace and violence.


The work Adj engages in on the international level is predicated on and informed by her local community-based practice.  One of her recent collaborative exhibitions—You Are Here: Archiving Providence in the Present

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—explores an alternative version of the city archive. Rather than collecting documents and images focused on important historical events, it values the varied, daily experiences of present-day city residents. Instead of filling box after box with records about major landmarks and the city center, it preserves the sounds, emotions, and observations of neighborhood life.  The exhibit grapples with questions of whether such an archive could strengthen our personal and collective ties to place or even transform the way we remember urban life a hundred years from now.

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Adj’s artistic practice employs a number of mediums from steel and silverware to men’s neckties and archival photographs. She works to stretch the bounds of her own knowledge by engaging with varied communities and by developing connections across multiple disciplines. As a sculptural welder, curator, photographer, performer, community builder, educator, historian, and textile artist her work strives to engage with a wide audience by being both theoretical and accessible.



Adj's work has taken her to Australia, East Timor, Ecuador, Cape Verde, Oman, Rwanda, and numerous other places. Since 2010 she has held an artist residency curating the Mercantile Gallery for AS220 in Providence RI.


Additional projects Adj is currently involved in include:


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