Alex Head

Alex Head is the pansexual bilingual dual national white male of two mothers two fathers two brothers two sisters, founder of sub_ʇxǝʇ radio and author of Here Comes Trouble an Inquiry into Art Magic & Madness as Deviant Knowledge, published May 2016.

He is an artist interested in creating non-hierarchical networks of artists, researchers and citizens. His practice facilitates meetings between artists and non-artists within the communities and micro-communities that populate the artist's working environment. His work often involves people, discussion and the translation of bodies of research into public events, eradio broadcasts or print.

Head studied a Bachelors of Arts in Sculpture & Environmental Art at The Glasgow School of Art (2007). He attained a Masters in Raumstrategien (Spatial Strategies), focussing on Fine Art and Political Theory, at Weißensee School of Art, Berlin.



Blog Entries

Healthy Communalism

23 Jun 2022 | Alex Head

Exploring WTN in relationship to new book RICOCHET - CULTURAL EPIGENETICS AND THE PHILOSOPHY OF CHANGE (2021) on Ljå...


07 Feb 2020 | Alex Head

Four of us, Jorgen Doyle, Hannah Ekin, Alex Head, and Anna Kostreva have been corresponding between Australia and...

Pulau G: invitation to a Public Consultation

15 Dec 2019 | Alex Head

Pulau G (Island G) is an artificial island constructed as part of a large scale land reclamation project on the north...

Data Wastelands Talk at Rujak Urban Studies Center

09 Apr 2019 | Alex Head

Data Wastelands and the urban digital environment: Anna Kostreva & Alex Head Exploring communities of intent in...


15 Jul 2018 | Alex Head

Evaluation: ADATA AiR Residency, Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019 (ECOC 2019) To contextualise my time in...

Flotation | A-Data, Islands & Power in the Second Networked Age

21 Feb 2018 | Alex Head

A lecture-performance by myself, Alex Head, Flotation is an attempt to de-lineate from fixed or normative habits of...

DOGGED LANDS Revisited Links and Sources!

30 May 2017 | Alex Head

sub_text on 199 radio      DOGGED LANDS Revisited  Radio EssayTuesday May 30th: 18.00-20.00 GMT (DE: 19.00-21.00)On: ht...

Blood from a Stone - New Collaborative Work on NTS Radio

21 Feb 2017 | Alex Head

Following two years of investigation and reflection explorers Alex Head and Sonja Horning produced this collaborative...

Online Hub Re-launched!

04 Dec 2016 | Alex Head

Through generous public support from individuals hailing from AUS, UK, DE, MY, ID, USA and CZ the website has been moved...

Off the Record - Geological Happening with Neue Berliner Räume, Anna Kostreva

04 Sep 2016 | Alex Head

Off the Record is a geological happening by Alex Head developed collaboratively with the curatorial collective Neue...

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