We are a collective micro-field with variable geometry. We are like a virtual stain in the capitalist gaze. Our stain is a variable composition of singular lines of flight that catalyze on a singular project. Each stain is a performer AND installation-maker AND writer AND videomaker AND phd researcher AND...Often this series superpose and resonate. We are intertwined in a body without organs and image charged with potential of action in many directions. Our common element is that we are dressed in black with a black sky-hood that covers our face. This allow us to be a transpersonal stain with many lines of performance. Each of us is nobody and everybody but conserve its full potential. Each of us is a singularity of a body with no identity. In this way everybody of us can express his singular potentiality without the mediation of a center. In fact we are interdisciplinary transmedial artists producing a rhizome of expression. Our field of expression is capitalism itself. Capitalism is the medium that enfolds and decodes all other media flows. We consider the limitations imposed by the capitalistic axiomatic overcoding of our lives as enabling constrictors for potential flights. We are looking for the potential of expression repressed by the symbolic order of capitalism in order to produce a surplus-code, a surplus of life, a surplus of plasticity. Our aim is to enlarge the stain in the Gaze of the reproduction of capitalism with many lines of flights. Our area of theory and intervention concerns projects for hacking financial capitalism, performance-installation to break the authoritative signifier and make an apparatus of power become schizo. We are also interested in making the invisible violence on marginal spaces visible: unemployed and immigrants (as we ourselves are). We are concerned in expressing a sensory dissensus in urban spaces, to relate global and local politics in site specific intervention directly connected to our lived experience. Radical community art is also another zone of intervention related to an idea of Common as an Heteron without intersubjectivity. Through our art we aim to produce new existential territories of experience inside the paranoid eye of the axiomatic. We are not artists in a classical sense because we don’t make artifacts in a framed code; we are not anti-artist in post-classical sense because we don’t limit ourselves to destroy the art apparatus; each of us is an anartist because we consider capitalism as medium and performance as the most adequate paradigm to reach autonomy and out-onomy in an event yet to come. Our aim is to embody the performative paradigm to find new way of enabling disorganization in structured fields where roles, hierarchies and functions are rigidly assigned and conflicts removed and displaced to the invisible margin of the Gaze. To this invisible margin we produce a stain, a return of the Real. Our methodology is concentrating on a site specific situation related symbolically and libidinally to a political code. We study the intrinsic potentiality for a dissensorial flight that unleashes the potential for a percept exceeding the organized Gaze.


Blog Entries

frozen species art exhibition

23 May 2015 | anartistas

frozen species A processual exhibition performed by 17 foreigner artists living in...

frozen species art exhibition

14 Feb 2015 | anartistas

frozen species A processual exhibition performed by 17 foreigner artists living in Helsinki and organized by the...

Kalasataman itsenäisyysjuhla \ Independence Celebration

02 Dec 2014 | anartistas

english below - Presentation of the Wasteland Twinning Network, Studio 1 -18:30–18:45 Eskus-klubi #2: Kalasataman...

searching for collaborators in helsinki/kalasatama

30 Oct 2014 | anartistas

  Wasteland twinning kalasatama/helsinki is looking for collaborators anartistas are wtn explorers in Helsinki, and...

wtn helsinki presentation @ office of community sousveillance

16 Oct 2014 | anartistas

Amorph14 at Mad House OFFICE OF COMMUNITY SOUSVEILLANCE Artist and Filmmaker Ian Nesbitt (