Anna Kostreva

ANNA KOSTREVA is an American architect, artist, and researcher based in Berlin. She is a graduate of the Cooper Union School of Architecture, NYC, and the recipient of a 2009 Fulbright Grant for research on post-apartheid urbanism in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has published two books which illustrate her visions of urban life: Berlin: A Morphology of Walls in 2014 with Archive Books and Three Pathways to Get Anywhere in 2015 with Rough Beast.

Image: Exploring a work by Rural Studio, 2017.


Blog Entries


07 Feb 2020 | Anna Kostreva

Are humans becoming part of a cybernetic world computer? Are we fatalistically manipulated by the digitization...

Writing from the North Coast of Jakarta, #ziarahutara

26 Jan 2020 | Anna Kostreva

Writing from the North Coast of Jakarta, #ziarahutara - Work by Anna Kostreva, Irwan Ahmett, and Tita Salina - Urban...

A Third Landscape Perspective: Between Waste and Data - Das KAPiTAL

19 Jun 2019 | Anna Kostreva

Artists and urban researchers Anna Kostreva and Alex Head invite you to the concluding public talk of a three part...