Bon Suwung

Bon Suwung is a forum initiated by KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, Indonesia comprising of artists and researchers who are collaboratively  engaging wasteland potentials as a territory that creates a viable transformation of the relation between people and Yogyakarta city-space. It functions as  a platform for discussion as well as action with local stakeholders, where forms of transdisciplinary collaboration are pushed towards imaginative-approaches and open circulations. This way the everyday practices on/of wastelands that are still unexplored in formal narratives, -such as in accounts of regulation and functionality, as well as history of property conflicts, can be charted and posed as a critique to the cultural politics of urban development.   Follow this link for more details and updates about the Bon Suwung project.

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Bon Suwung Updates

18 May 2012 | Bon Suwung

From March- May 2012 the Bon Suwung project has held five workshops joined by approximately 10 Individuals coming fom...