Ciprian Pantea

Ciprian Pantea studied sociology at the University of Bucharest.  In the year 2010 he decided to explore new environments and cultures through European Voluntary Service. Photogr8 Project gave him the opportunity to live and work in Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) for 10 months. The experience of being a trainer made him involved in different youth in action projects, like Cre8 Your Climate Together, Digitales, EkoSkopje, opened new opportunities for enlarging his capacities and visions. These experiences made possible the creation of Start Focus, a Non Governmental Organization that is working with young people using non-formal techniques.

The interest towards space, wasteland and industrial reconversion was somehow discovered at the workshop Integration in the local community of the Centre of Architecture, Urban Culture and Landscape – Uzina de Apă (Water Plant) held in Suceava-City.

During the workshop, organized by the Order of Architects – North East Branch, we analyzed the urban space of the city in the new context of the industrial reconversion of the water plant. The sociologist team analyzed the city from the perspective of spatial practices. The outcome of our sociological work produced a typology of habits and perceptions of people according to the spatial practices in the city: representation of space, imagination of space, spaces of representation, domination of space etc.  The theoretical background guided us in writing the sociological article about the conversion process of the water plant. As an informative note the concept of spatial practices was initiated by Lefebvre and enriched by David Harvey in his work “The condition of Postmodernity”.

A recent project, that he attended, studied the same process of conversion but his time in Petrila. The aim of the project was to study the directions of transformation of the deepest mine in Romania.

Projects similar with industrial reconversion, wasteland, space and youth work in general, represent areas with high interest for him.