Ferdiansyah Thajib

Ferdiansyah Thajib was born in Bandung, Indonesia (1978). Currently he is a Phd. Candidate in the Institut für Ethnologie, Freie Universität Berlin. After finishing his study  at the Graduate Program of Religious and Cultural Studies, Sanata Dharma University Yogyakarta in 2006,  he has been actively working as a researcher in the field of cultural studies, on individual as well as collaborative basis.  Thajib's  subject of interests weave through  issues of  media and technology, performance studies, critical sexuality studies, and anthropology of emotion as well as  space and culture. He is now a Co-Director of  KUNCI Cultural Studies Center,  - an organisation aiming at advancing a wider critical movement through popular education practices and experimental approaches to cultural issues.


Repurposing Workshop Series (Yogyakarta, 2010 - 2011)

Repurposing Workshop Series is a component of KUNCI’s Media and Technology Convergence in Indonesia, a 2 years project exploring the new junctures between digitally-enabled circuits of knowledge and the cultural shifts of the everyday. As one of the components to this long-term programme, KUNCI designed a a framework for wider participation in new media culture by publishing a series of practical guidelines for tactically navigating the discursive boundaries of the terrestrial barriers to knowledge as well as enhancing the public literacy level in the day to day coping with the societal-tehnological shifts in the country. The workshop series touches upon different creative practices, ranging from music to literature. Organised with KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, Yogyakarta and Supported by Ford Foundation Indonesia









Feelings at the Margins - Emotion and Marginality in Indonesia (Berlin, 2010)

This workshop explored interdsicplinary ways to integrate the emotions into the manifold ‘marginality genres’ and combining various disciplines of the humanities and sciences. The workshop narrows its geographical focus to “emotion” and “marginality” in Indonesia for two reasons. Firstly, it is to reach a discursively coherent framework of presented talks and discussions. And secondly, the vast diversity of the country in terms of geography, demography, culture, ethnicity, and religion carries with it innumerous social inequalities. Co-organised with Cluster of Excellence Language of Emotion, FU Berlin, and Center for History and Ethical Politics (PUSdEP), Sanata Dharma University Yogyakarta.










SPACE/SCAPE Project (Yogyakarta,2009)

SPACE/SCAPE is a project that aims at investigating the contemporary sociocultural dynamics that has shaped, and shaped by the spatiality of Alun-Alun Yogyakarta. In addition to its research-based nature, the project is designed to embrace artistic experimentations as means to explore the performative aspects of Alun-alun as a public space that encompasses local, cultural, economic, political aspects of the society. By adhering to interdisciplinary approaches, it does not only seek to engage with the (in)formation of history and space as a knowledge production attempts but also call for creative interpretation and intervention from subject-agencies involved. Organised with KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, Yogyakarta and Supported by Arts Network Asia and Teater Garasi Foundation, Yogyakarta.


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