Hannah Ekin & Jorgen Doyle

HANNAH EKIN AND JORGEN DOYLE are artists and geographers who have been collaborating intensively for 5 years. Working in Indonesia, they have been looking at postcolonial histories and the complex relationships between the Global North and South that continue to shape how urban space is evaluated and produced. 

They work in Jakarta within a broad coalition of social movements, NGOs, artists, researchers, architects, journalists etc., concerned with the radical changes occurring along Jakarta's coastline - speculative real estate projects and large scale infrastructural projects responding to slower environmental degradation caused by heavy exploitation of the natural environment of the coastal basin. They collaborate with two Indonesian artists and a local NGO; the Rujak Centre for Urban Studies, on a project called Ziarah Utara, or Pilgrimage to the North. This project centres on an annual 2 week walk along the coastline of Jakarta, staying in the different kinds of sites and settlements - traditional fishing villages, gated communities, historical sites, the port, social housing blocks - that make up this highly segregated coastline dense with histories. They use the walk as a way to open up questions and conversations about the future of the coastline, how it is imagined by the capitalists who seek to re-make it as a place to mark Indonesia’s confident stride into a prosperous globalised future, and those who produce it on a daily basis as a space of livelihoods and belonging. This research methodology has to date produced artistic outputs that have included public forums and lectures, an exhibition, and video and installation works. 

You can find some of their writings, and more information on the Ziarah Utara project, here: 





Blog Entries

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