Jim Brady

Jim is a member of the Mersey Hinterlands collective, UK.

Based on the Wirral peninsula coast, North West England, Jim is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, publisher and activist. Through his diverse practice he endeavours to reveal creative patterns embodied within our symbiosis with places, environments and natural systems.

Jim's imagination is captured by the poetics of nature, and the stories and deep time aesthetics of landscape. By way of creatively exploring this fascination, his artworks often incorporate digital video, field recordings, performance, text and organic matter. Jim is drawn to the edges of things - temporal and entangled spaces that offer rich possibilities for creativity.

What drives Jim's activity as a curator, is a desire to connect people, ideas and actions in order to create complex and resonant relationships in our world that might otherwise remain unrealised. He regards this socially-engaged practice as facilitating the emergence of ‘ecological consciousness’. Jim's curation is rooted in interdisciplinary collaboration and experimentation.

Jim is an Associate of the CIWEM Arts & Environment Network (UK) and a member of the International Eco-Art Network. In 2013 he became an affiliate of Cape Farewell.


Blog Entries

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15 May 2017 | Jim Brady

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