Khadija Bellahcen

Khadija Bellahcen was born in Morrocco (1984) and grew up in Amsterdam where she studied Sociology at the University of Amsterdam, her main focus being Urban and Cultural Sociology.

Writing her Bachelor’s thesis on graffiti as part of urban culture though on the fringe of both society and artworld, she has been interested in public space and the appropriation of public space by various (social) groups and institutions and the friction that arises from it.

Currently she is involved in several cultural projects. She is working on creating a public cultural space out of a former private parking lot in one of the more rundown neighborhoods of Amsterdam, and she is working on bringing dance out of its institutionalized form and back to the streets.


Blog Entries

Monumental Status?

25 Oct 2011 | Khadija Bellahcen

A friend informed me that the Stenen Hoofd is originally part of the Graansilo (Grain Silo). The silo is an...

Sound recording Stenen Hoofd

25 Oct 2011 | Khadija Bellahcen This was recorded on the 14th of october 2011. We walked...

a first reconnaissance

24 Jun 2011 | Khadija Bellahcen

In our search for wastelands in Amsterdam, we’ve so far encountered lands that are mostly fenced and inaccessible,...