Lars Hayer

Lars Hayer was born in Kiel (1975), grew up in Tunisia an Egypt and lives in Berlin and close to Bordeaux. His artistic research is based on semantic disfunctionalities and database supported communication prostheses. Following a propaedeutic year of oriental philology studies at J. W. Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main and an apprenticeship as photographer, he graduated in Fine Arts (DNSEP/Mastère) at École Supérieure des Beaux Arts Toulouse. His photograpic projects have led him to Weimar for a 6 months stay at the Bauhaus University (2002-2003), to Kaliningrad in Russia (2005) and to Tunisia (2006), tracing back a path of historical and cultural nomadism.

Hayer co-designed IRMAStock, a multimedia database and virtual workshop for ‘digital artistic residues’ at the Musee de l'Objet / Ecole d'Art de Blois (2002) and later collaborated with french artist Olivier Leroi on the piece Mare, Celle du Champ au Lion, a reinterpretation of Joseph Kosuth's Ex Libris at the Musee Champollion - Les Écritures du Monde in Figeac. His opensource software based, automated text:image translators and image:voice readers have been shown at Palais des Arts in Toulouse (2005) and at kunsthaus erfurt (2008).

In 2007/2008 he contributed to the Ressource Group's research on the site of the ‘ehemaliges Schauspielhaus’ in Erfurt (Thüringia). Supporting the RG's exploration of the vanishing visibility of a disposed theater and its remaining ‘broadcasting qualtity’ as cultural forum, Hayer designed a database system for geo tracability and visualization of (grafiti)tags.

In recent times, Hayer has been focusing on the collaboration and publishing needs of artistic 'enterprises' and cultural institutions. He has been experimentally developing internet based content management systems for the 'small business' requirements of the KUNSTrePUBLIK artist collective in Berlin (2009), the Z/KU - Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (Center for Arts and Urbanism) Berlin (2011/12) and for the ‘programatical communication’ needs of the werkleitz Festival 2010 (Halle). With his invitation to the Wanted and For Sale Office at transmediale.11 in Berlin (2011), Hayer started the development of a multipurpose web/networking platform for interdisciplinary and nomadic artist groupment (Berlin, Toulouse, Dublin).

rg_broadcast_db (2008)

Database application and research tool running on opensource lamp system (linux/apache/mysql/php), showing the data set of a representative tag found on the site of the former theater and its geo tagged recurrence throught the city of Erfurt. (2011)

Schema of the virtual platform and screenshots of a protocols collaboration interface and a process versions microsite with real world analogon at transmediale.11. Supporting kom.posts nomadic and conceptual mode of operation, the platform allows decentralized coordination before, and realtime publication, interactivity and archiving during physical events and interventions.



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