Periferry-  Sonal Jain, Mriganka Madhukaillya and Dibasri Mazumdar

Initiated by Sonal Jain and Mriganka Madhukaillya, in 2007 the project Periferry creates a nomadic space for hybrid art practices. Periferry questions, challenges and overturns the notion of institutionalized spaces, hegemonic cultural discourses  and private-public dichotomy. The project explores the  conflicting nature space. It locates itself in MV Chandardinga, a disused ferry docked off Sukreswar ghat on the southern banks of the river Brahmaputra in the city of Guwahati city. Like Chandardinga there are more than fifty vessals in that area, few used for transportation, the rest remain disused, rust-ridden, in a state of neglect, remnants of the industrial age - its metaphor.

Periferry negates the concept of space as a static entity where time flows. On the contrary, this stagnant ferry is a space marked by constant flow - linking people across the globe, arriving and departing, exchanging ideas, resulting in the creation of a networked “space of flows.” Space in this context is not in a state of inertia but that of incessant flux.

The project  aims to promote experimentation in art, ecology, technology, media and science and to create a public space and public domain, physical as well as virtual for critical reflections.



Desire Machine Collective

Collaborating since 2004 as Desire Machine Collective, Sonal Jain and Mriganka Madhukaillya work through film, video, photography, and multimedia installations. Assuming their name and theoretical disposition from Anti-Oedipus, a seminal text from 1972 by French philosopher Gilles Deleuze and psychoanalyst Félix Guattari, Desire Machine seeks to disrupt the neurotic symptoms that arise from constricting capitalist structures with healthier, schizophrenic cultural flows of desire and information. As the French philosopher Michel Foucault put it, Anti-Oedipus is an introduction to a non-fascist life. In similar fashion, through their practice Jain and Madhukaillya confront the many forms of fascism that lead to violence and injustice, both regionally in Guwahati, Assam and around the world.

Along with Desire Machine Collective, they have initiated Periferry, an alternative artist-led space situated on the M. V. Chandardinga, a ferry docked on the Brahmaputra River in Guwahati. Periferry serves as a laboratory in flux for generating innovative practices in contemporary film and video. The space provide a connective platform for dialogue across artistic, scientific, technological, and ecological modes of production and knowledge.



A+Type (Guwahati, 2011)

The A+type is an experiment in spatial imaginary with an objective to explore a typology of a contemporary cultural space that can create a social engagement which allows for a translocal exchange of knowledge,

experiments and aesthetic experiences. A+Type reinvestigates the notion and use of space, in its common understanding. It is a durational project where an ‘Assam type’ house is opened up for people to interpret in their own ways.




Blog Entries

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