Seoidín O’Sullivan

O’Sullivan’s practice investigates socio-political and ecological narratives which she re-presents in critically engaged and poetic ways through a variety of media. Recent concerns involve an interest in ideas of ‘the commons’ and the notion of shared assets. O’Sullivan’s case studies focus on people joining together in action to protect or develop an aspect of their local commons. Her practice supports sustainable models within various ecological contexts and addresses issues of land use, lost knowledge and bio diversity.

Seoidin O’Sulivan grew up in Kitwe, Zambia and later lived in Durban, South Africa where she completed a degree in Fine Art in 2000. She completed a Masters in Fine Art at the National college of Art and Design, Dublin (2005- 2007) where she researched the cultural challenge environmental sustainability poses to contemporary art.  Her practice both collaborative and individual have received numerous awards and she have been exhibited widely.


The Nomadic Mapping Project: Project with Traveller Women.

TACTIC: cross national laboratory for art and activists between Ireland and South Africa.

TRESPASS: Art Project looking at wasteland spaces in Dublin City

SCR Community Garden Project: