Sonja Hornung

Sonja Hornung (*1987) is a Melbourne-born artist and writer.

Her practice investigates borderless zones in matter, bodies and space, both as an exploited material reality and as a field of open play, appropriation and annexation.

Previous projects include a stateless embassy on a wall (Mauer Botschaft, Berlin, 2013), a collection of 100 old books about the future (Future Library Service, Melbourne, 2012), and a beach 43 metres above sea level for public discussion about climate change (Brunswick Beach, Melbourne, 2011). These projects claimed sections of urban public space in an attempt to provoke honest political dialogue. Emptying flags (with Neue Berliner Räume, 2013-14) was an attempt to replace a national flag with a meaningless one that pushed this dialogue into spaces of bureaucratic power.

Hornung is currently thinking through the relationship between withdrawal and honesty in the art world via a series of published articles and performances grouped under the title 'Withdrawal Symptoms'.

Hornung is influenced the writings of Hannah Arendt, Doreen Massey and Henri Lefebvre. She has written art criticism for ArtSlant, Bad at Sports and Frieze.

Hornung lives in Berlin, where she runs the Marx on Monday reading group and is undertaking her MA in Spatial Strategies at Berlin-Weißensee School of Art.

She is becoming curious about anonymity as an answer to the self-branding creatives subject themselves to.


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