Sit Spot

Choose a spot on your wasteland site.

Sit in it for 10-20 minutes.

Return to the same spot each time you visit the wasteland.

Try to return to your Sit Spot regularly, at different times of day.

Observe any changes that have occur and record these in some way, through words, photographs or drawings.



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15 Jul 2018 | Alex Head

Evaluation: ADATA AiR Residency, Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019 (ECOC 2019) To contextualise my time in...

Encounters with Adata #1

28 Sep 2015 | Alex Head

In the Summer of 2015 I spent 5 weeks investigating, inhabiting and documenting the island wasteland Adata in Plovdiv,...

Encounters with Adata #2

28 Sep 2015 | Alex Head

4. August | The poet speaks on the threshold of being… First day without my assistant and i'm nearly seen going...

Recreation Ground Berlin

03 Sep 2013 | Alex Head

As the sole event within the B_Tour festival requiring a total stand-still, Recreation Ground Berlin took place on...

Summer Colours

11 Aug 2013 | Alex Head

In an attempt to catch up with the Koepi site's activities over the past two months, I offer the following exercise in...

Popping | Planting | Painting

03 Jun 2013 | Alex Head

Despite or because of the sites new owners a huge amount of activity prevails throughout the Koepi Brache. Wedding and...

Fallow Games: Photo Finish

03 Aug 2012 | Alex Head

Shot with a fixed frame disposable camera, competitors in The Fallow Games took the following images.     ...


28 May 2012 | Will Foster

A series of experiments using long distance communication. Questions and answers have been flying across the river Spree...

Sit site

14 Oct 2011 |

I stood at the site in my favourite places. To reach the first place I passed the "gate" and noticed a portaloo and...