Three approaches to poetry


Imagine your site as an A4 page ? ?see it? from the air.

Map onto it things you come across: Pinpoint on page.

Find a word or words to describe that thing; shopping trolley, tree stump, toy. Now trace that word, place it according on the page/map.

Don?t feel overwhelmed by the need to litter your page with words.

Savor the blank page. Think carefully about what needs to be there - where you need to tread. It could be that a few random things at strange intervals convey the picture; jut out accordingly.




In no particular order, simply list everything you come across on site . Find the best word to describe each thing. Rearrange the words according to taste, whimsy or chance. Random accidents become the new aesthetic order. Or is it pre-ordained? Make your list a stream of words flowing slowly across the page, word after word after word after word after word after word, or






As your eye works its way across land, so words echo landscape.




In the dark, enter the site.

It?s no longer your site.

Put a word to each sound and smell, each step and scrape.

Underfoot the squelch, all around you, the unfamiliar.

What was that? What is that? How can words describe?

When does a feeling become something, and something become a feeling?

Construct new words; assemble, collage. Make new connections.

Sense the living world around you that extends,

and which you are part of.



(JC, 30/11/2014)

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