Tools of the Trade

Create an interdisciplinary tool kit to be used on the wasteland.

The tools could be for a verity of functions, for example; observation, experimentation, mapping, surveillance etc.


  • Invite individuals from various disciplines and professions to conduct field studies in the wasteland.
  • Identify tools/equipment of use to aid them in exploring the wasteland, e.g. a landscape architect may frequently require the use of a tape measure to determine short distances.
  • Create an inventory of tools in order of preference from 1 to 10  (1 representing the most useful.)
  • Identify ways that these tools can be substituted, improvised and made by hand.  E.g. a tape measure can consist of a heavy-duty plastic casing with at retractable metal ribbon measure and belt clip for convenience. A measure could also be made from a piece of string; a stick or arms stretch wide. A walking stick can be made from shaped aluminium tubing with a rubber stopper on the end, but it can also be a stick; found on the floor or snapped from a tree.


  • The Aesthetics of necessity
  • Hybridity
  • Old and New technologies
  • Functionality and Futility

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