Wasteland Journal

Hand small journals to some visitors of 'your' wasteland - if there are any. Encourage them to use the journals for whatever purpose they like - given that its use relates in one way or another to the respective wasteland. Invite the 'journalists' to get back to you when all, or some, pages are filled. Add a short description/instruction, the name of the Wasteland-Twinning website and your contact details so that its user can get both an impression of the project - and get back to you. Document the used journals in case you have the chance to do so.

In the following our instructions:

You received this small journal when we met you at 'Het Stenen Hoofd,' a fallow site located close to the centre of Amsterdam. W139, a presentation and production space for contemporary art, explores 'Het Stenen Hoofd' in collaboration with Wasteland Twinning, a forum designed to research and present various ?wastelands? throughout the world. 

Feel free to use this journal for whatever you want and in whichever way you want ? given that its use relates in one way or another to 'Het Stenen Hoofd.'

We would appreciate it if you would get back to us when some ? or all ? of the pages are filled.

Khadija Bellahcen & Ansgar Reul 

[caption id="attachment_1169" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Wasteland Journals as provided by W139"][/caption]



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