Wasteland Twinning Partnership Protocol

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Terms of Agreement

A Wasteland Twinning Partnership shall be established through mutual agreement between two or more Partners.

The Partnership invitation may be initiated by any Partner.
Partnerships may be initiated on the grounds of political, social, economic, historical and environmental conflict or unity.
 Representatives from each site will be established to be Wasteland Ambassadors.
Wasteland Ambassadors will assume a central role in the undertaking of the Wasteland Twinning Partnership.


A Wasteland Twinning Ceremony will take place on both wastelands in the twinning relationship.

In the event that access is restricted, the Wasteland Twinning Ceremony should take place as close as possible to the site.

The Wasteland Twinning Ceremony will take place on the same date in both locations.

The Wasteland Twinning Ceremony will be advertised and open to the public e.g. through local and international media.

Wasteland users, stakeholders, civil servants, and community associations may be invited to be directly involved in the proceedings of the ceremony.

The Wasteland Twinning Document shall be signed during the ceremony.

Partners may introduce specialised ceremonial procedures into the Wasteland Twinning Ceremony: formalised solidarity customs, folkloric acts, rituals and traditions, such as flag raising, parades or speeches.

Should the Ceremonies on both sites take place simultaneously, the synchronisation may be incorporated into the formal proceedings e.g. as a video streamed live online, forums or broadcast on television/ radio.

The Wasteland Twinning Ceremony shall be documented.

Documentation of the Wasteland Twinning Ceremony shall be published and disseminated, e.g. on wasteland-twinning.net, to wasteland users, government policy-makers etc

Other than these stipulated details, the format of the Ceremony?s proceedings are at the discretion of the partners.


Agreement Document

The Wasteland Twinning Agreement Document is to be drafted collaboratively between partners.

Decisions relating to the form and contents of the Document are at the discretion of the partners.

The Document will stipulate the terms on which both parties have agreed to undertake the Partnership.

A visual identity of each Partner will be depicted on the Wasteland Twinning Agreement Document eg. as a logo, emblem, coat of arms, etc.

The Wasteland Twinning Agreement Document will be signed and dated by the Wasteland Ambassadors during the Wasteland Twinning Ceremony.

The Wasteland Twinning Agreement Document will be published on wasteland-twinning.net

Wasteland Twinning 11/02/2012


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