Collaborative Action

The Games

WASTE, SPORT and HABIT come together for The Fallow Games. Wasteland Twinning Network Berlin in collaboration with Gabrielle de Vietri host a day of urban sporting and appropriation of the city’s wastelands on the Köpi-Brache. Conducted parallel to Wasteland Rounders on The Island Wasteland, Nottingham.

Recreation Ground

A trilateral European collaborative project between Wasteland Twinning Berlin, Wasteland Twinning Nottingham and W139 Amsterdam. Through engagement with the inhabitants and users of three wasteland sites.

Homey Island

Homey Island is a transnational project from Wasteland Twinning Network that derives its concept from two opposing uses of the word Homey: from the American street use of the term implying trust, friend and kinship to the more domestic meaning cosy, comfortable or (DE) gemütlich.

Wasteland Conversations, Nottingham Contemporary

Continuing our relationship with Nottingham Contemporary and their public programme we were invited to co-curate and host a series of conversations in response to the current John Newling and Piero Gilardi exhibitions.

Recreation Ground Nottingham

Recreation Ground explored the functions, values and temporalities of The Island - the large 'wasteland' behind One Thoresby Street. Once home to Boots pharmaceutical factories, railways, gas works and much more besides, the site has (seemingly) lain dormant for over twenty years: a stubbornly stagnant scar at the heart of the post-industrial city. A wasteland.